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Signia CROS Pure 312 AX


Signia CROS Pure 312 AX


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Note: The CROS transmitter will come standard with #2 receiver with 7mm open EarTip unless it is changed during the order process or a different receiver and EarTip is requested prior to shipping. Ask your audiologist which size is suitable for you.

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Product Description

Signia’s newest CROS devices deliver an augmented hearing experience for clients with untreatable hearing loss in one ear. Built on Signia’s leading-edge Augmented Xperience platform, they use Signia’s proprietary Augmented Focus technology to split speech from surrounding sounds, process them separately, and recombine them to deliver outstanding speech clarity in an immersive environment.

CROS Pure 312 AX
The smallest CROS device for outstanding speech clarity.

The CROS Pure 312 AX is equipped with all the benefits of Signia’s Augmented Xperience (AX) platform for outstanding speech clarity. CROS Pure 312 AX attracts wearers with its fresh, elegantly slim design. Despite its discreet form, this tiny device provides fully featured Bluetooth connectivity for Android and iPhone plus all the benefits of the Signia Assistant.

What is a CROS?
CROS stands for Contralateral Routing of Signal. This is a hearing solution of choice to those with single-sided deafness. This means one ear hears better than the other side.

The CROS picks up the sounds from the poor hearing ear and transfer it to the compatible hearing aid on the better hearing ear. If the better hearing ear has normal hearing, it is set up as a CROS configuration. If some hearing loss is present on the better ear, it is set up as a BiCROS configuration (Bilateral Contralateral Routing of Signal).

The CROS device is meant to be used with a compatible hearing aid on the other side. It cannot be used alone or by itself.

The Signia CROS Pure 312 AX is compatible with the Signia Pure 312 AX hearing aids in the performance levels of 7AX, 5AX and 3AX.

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Hearing Aids Warranty

All hearing aids purchased from PUB Hearing come with 36 months (3 years) European warranty. A local service  provider is available for clients in Australia. For more information, contact us by chat or email us at

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Please make sure you read out terms & conditions.

Hearing Aids Accessories Warranty

All hearing aid accessories offered by PUB HEARING include a 12 month warranty against manufacturer defects.


Do You Offer Free Delivery?

Yes, delivery is free for all orders over $500.

Do You Offer Quick Delivery?

You should receive your hearing aids within 7 to 10 business days of placing your order.

Due to logistics, customs and customized orders it can take up to 6-7 weeks to receive the goods

Where Will My Hearing Aids Be Delivered?

Purchases of hearing aid devices will be posted directly to an audiologist of your choice. Pub Hearing is 100% online retail store and don’t have a clinic. We can help you look for an audiologist if you don’t have one yet in order to book a fitting appointment and ship your hearing aids to the audiologist.

Can I Pick Up My Items From Your Store?

No. Pub Hearing is 100% online discount retail store and this is how we keep our overheads low and pass the savings onto you.


Is Signia CROS Pure 312 AX rechargeable?
No, Signia CROS Pure 312 AX is not rechargeable. It uses a size 312 zinc-air hearing aid battery.

With which hearing aid is CROS Pure 312 AX compatible?
It is compatible with Signia Pure 312 AX hearing aids.

Can I use direct streaming of phone calls and/or music when I have a CROS Pure 312 AX device?
Yes. CROS Pure 312 AX is compatible with Pure 312 AX hearing aids which support:

  • direct streaming from iOS (Apple) devices using “made-for-iPhone (MFi)” capability as well as certain Android smart phones via the ASHA protocol.
  • audio streaming from other mobile devices (Android smartphones without ASHA, older Apple devices, PCs, laptops and other Bluetooth mobile devices) is possible with the StreamLine Mic accessory.

Can I use direct streaming from my TV when I have a CROS AX device?
Yes.  CROS Pure 312 AX is compatible with the Pure 312 AX hearing aids which support audio streaming from your TV via the StreamLine TV accessory.

Can I control CROS Pure 312 AX remotely?
Yes. Signia offer a direct and very convenient remote control via their Signia app, which is freely downloadable to your smartphone.

How can I adjust the CROS Pure 312 AX device?
There is a rocker switch push button on the device for onboard control. Additionally, it can also be controlled remotely via the Signia app, which is freely downloadable onto your smartphone, or via Signia’s small and easy-to-use miniPocket remote control.



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