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PUB Hearing Limited is an Irish hearing aid audiology company based in Ballsbridge, Dublin, servicing the hearing impaired throughout the Republic of Ireland.

PUB Hearing’s online business was established to provide overseas consumers with access to the world’s very best, premium, high end, brand name hearing aids, at a fraction of the price consumers could otherwise purchase them for in their local market.

PUB Hearing’s founder has worked as a hearing professional for over 30 years. He has witnessed the massive increase in hearing aid prices over that time, with prices in many South East Asian countries such as Australia reaching $10,000 to $14,000 for a set of premium hearing aids.

By sourcing hearing aids inexpensively in Ireland, at a fraction of the wholesale prices charged elsewhere, PUB Hearing has been able to promote low priced hearing aids online to consumers worldwide.

The business model is simple. Purchase your hearing aids online from PUB Hearing in Ireland, at hearing aid prices that are unmatched locally, and have your local hearing clinician set up and maintain your hearing aids, saving you thousands of dollars.

We’ve made the process simple and are here to hold your hand through the entire process.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call us on +61-2-8091-3910 or +353-1-631-9470 and speak to one of our audiologists or send us an email at

Dr. Kimberly Go

Team leader and senior audiologist

Kimberly has attained the very highest levels of academic achievement in the hearing professional by earning a doctorate in audiology.

Kimberly has previously worked in a number of hearing clinics including for over 6 years in a highly respected practice in San Diego, California. Kimberly plays a key role in PUB Hearing as team leader. Kimberly is also available for personal consultations to discuss the clinical needs and technological queries of our clients.

Doctor of Audiology
Salus University
Pennsylvania USA

Masters in Clinical Audiology
Santo Tomas University

Bachelor Pharmacy
Santo Tomas University

Alastair Bacon MACAud DipAud HgDvPEv

Member Australian College of Audiology

Alastair Bacon is the founder and CEO of PUB Hearing. Alastair’s father was an early pioneer in the hearing aid industry in Ireland, who commenced his career as an engineer designing and manufacturing hearing aids in the early 1960s. Alastair has been fitting hearing aids since 1984, giving him over 36 years of experience in the hearing profession. In that time Alastair has helped over 15,000 hearing impaired people to hear better.

Alastair has overseen the successful growth of several hearing aid businesses within Australia. Alastair owns Hidden Hearing in Australia, and PUB Hearing Limited in Ireland as well as a new start up business in the USA

With his wealth of connections within the hearing profession, Alastair has garnered the support of many of his colleagues from around the world, who are happy to provide PUB Hearing’s clients with audiological clinical support, and join Alastair in his quest to reduce the barriers to hearing health, by making the very best hearing technology globally accessible and affordable.

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