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At PUB Hearing our goal is to provide YOU the TOP OF THE RANGE Hearing Aids and the lowest prices guaranteed!

Our hearing aid prices can not be beaten.

Why are hearing aids so expensive?

Did you know that hearing aid prices vary greatly from country to country? In countries such as Ireland, hearing aid prices are a fraction of what they are for example in countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore or South Africa. This is particularly true for premium high end hearing aids.

Hearing aids are priced according to their technology level. The exceptional Phonak Marvel hearing aids for example come in 4 different technology levels. In many countries such as Australia and New Zealand, the difference in retail price between each level is significant. The Phonak M30 may be $2,000 for a single hearing aid, the M50 $3,000, the M70 $4,000 and the M90 $5,000 or $6,000 each. This is true for all the major brands.

It is really important to understand that the physical product at each technology level is identical. The difference in technolgy does not lie in the physical components but in the software. These software features make a tremendous difference to the overall performance, especially in noisy environments, and many consumers are willling to pay a premium to obtain these much needed extra benefits.

In markets such as Ireland, the price difference between technology levels may be as little as $200 per level per hearing aid, whereas in South East Asian countries the difference is often $1,000 or more per level per hearing aid. This means that in Ireland, a premium top end hearing aid may be only $800 more than an entry level hearing aid, whereas in Australia, New Zealand and other South East Asian countries the difference could be $4,000 or $5,000 or more per hearing aid.

This is why at PUB Hearing we specialise in premium top end hearing aids, because we can supply them for very little more than a basic entry level hearing aid. And who doesn’t want the best hearing they can get?

There are now only 5 major global hearing aid manufacturers and their pricing structures are all very similar. That’s why at PUB Hearing we are able to offer the same great price of $1,995 for every premium hearing aid from every manufacturer.

The manufacturers however do a great job these days in competing to outdo each other on technology. They invest heavily in research and development. Major performance enhancements are launched every year, resulting in better hearing outcomes. This has resulted in consumers wanting to update their hearing aids on a more regular basis, assuming the price restraints are not too great.

Unfortunately, with virtually every new product release, the wholesale hearing aid prices have increased. Hearing clinics throughout South East Asia are now paying as much as $8,500 for a set of top end hearing aids at wholesale price. So you can see why many hearing clinics have no choice but to charge $10,000 for a set of premium hearing aids after factoring in business costs such as staff, rent, marketing etc.

The result is that consumers are being forced into paying extremely high prices for their hearing aids.

PUB Hearing exists to provide consumers worldwide with access to the very latest and best hearing technology at truly affordable prices. We achieve this by sourcing our hearing aids in Ireland. We then supply our clients in Ireland through our Irish clinic www.pubhearing.ie, and supply consumers elsewhere by assisting them in purchasing and importing hearing aids for their own personal use.

So rather than paying $10,000 or more for a set of two premium hearing aids locally, wouldn’t you prefer to purchase them at PUB Hearing’s price of only $3,990, for the exact same set of 2 premium hearing aids.

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