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How much do hearing aids from PUB Hearing cost?

The price of hearing aids from PUB Hearing will vary from time to time, but regardless of the price, we guarantee that our price on the products we promote, will be the lowest you will find anywhere. To keep things simple all the hearing aids on our website are the same price. That’s right, PUB Hearing has just one price for all models and all brands, and even better, this is for the premium top of the range technology models such as the Phonak M90R or Oticon Opn S1R or Signia Pure 7X or Resound Quattro 9.

Why are hearing aids from PUB Hearing so much cheaper?

PUB Hearing Limited is an Irish company, based in Dublin in the Republic of Ireland. When you purchase from PUB Hearing you are purchasing from an Irish company at Irish prices and importing the hearing aids for your own personal use.

Premium hearing aid prices in Ireland are a fraction of the price that they are in Australia and many other markets.

Our website provides you with the simple means to purchase hearing aids at heavily discounted Irish prices.

Are hearing aids from PUB Hearing bundled or unbundled?

Most hearing aids throughout the world are sold “bundled”. This means that the price of the hearing aids and the price of the clinical hearing services are grouped together and presented as one price. This enables the retailer to charge a sizable hidden amount for their clinical services.

At PUB Hearing our hearing aids are unbundled meaning that you only pay for the actual hearing aid.

How much are clinical hearing services?

A hearing aid is of little use unless it is professionally set up and programmed for each person’s unique hearing needs. Clinical services by a qualified hearing professional are therefore essential.

You may be surprised to learn that clinical services are nowhere near as expensive as you may expect. Different hearing providers charge different amounts for their clinical services, plus the services provided can vary substantially depending on what you want.

For example, one of the hearing providers some of our clients have used and given us great feedback on, provides 3 options.

Option 1: For only $495 they will program and set up your hearing aids and provide one follow up review appointment.

Option 2: For $995 they will program and set up your hearing aids and provide 12 months of clinical support in order to make any ongoing adjustments as you adapt.

Option 3: For $1,495 they will program and set up your hearing aids and provide 5 years of clinical support. 

Some hearing providers also provide the option of paying an hourly rate for whatever services you require.

The needs of every hearing aid user are different. Some clients require very little after care while others need a lot. Your hearing provider can provide you with guidance on what would be best for you.

Does PUB Hearing provide clinical hearing services?


PUB Hearing does not physically conduct business outside Ireland. Our role is simply to provide you with access to hearing aids from Ireland at vastly reduced prices to what you would pay locally.

You need to see a local hearing professional to set up and program your hearing aids.

Postage / Shipping

Is it legal for me to import hearing aids?


Firstly, this is not legal advice, however, in most countries, including Australia, consumers have the right to import therapeutic products and medical devices including hearing aids, from overseas companies, for their own personal use, or for the use of a family member, subject to meeting customs regulations. Secondly, the requirement is that you cannot sell or supply these products to anyone else.

PUB Hearing is an Irish company. As such, it is perfectly legal for you to purchase your hearing aids from PUB Hearing for your personal use or for use by your immediate family members only.



Do I have to pay VAT or GST on the hearing aids?


As hearing aids are classified as medical devices there is no VAT payable on hearing aids in Ireland and no GST payable in Australia and most other markets.

Are there any extra charges for shipping, importation, taxes, customs duties etc.?


The price you pay PUB Hearing is the total amount that you pay for the purchase and supply of your hearing aids.  There are no extra hidden charges. PUB Hearing handles all the paperwork and covers the customs and courier fees and other costs incurred in shipping the product to you.

What is the typical delivery time?
Delivery normally takes 7 to 10 working days from when you place your order.

However, due to some circumstances (logisitics, customs, and customized orders) it can take up to 6 to 7 weeks to receive the goods

Where are the hearing aids delivered to?

PUB Hearing delivers your hearing aids to the address of your preferred hearing professional as stipulated by you on your order.

What if I don’t have a preferred hearing professional?

Many of our clients love the fact that they can save thousands of dollars by purchasing their hearing aids inexpensively from PUB Hearing yet continue to use the audiological services of their local hearing provider.

If you don’t have a preferred hearing provider we can suggest one for you who we have received good feedback on.

Can I order hearing aids from anywhere in the world?

Yes. PUB Hearing’s hearing aid prices are so attractive that we have clients ordering hearing aids from many countries globally. We ship worldwide. Just enter your shipping details when you place your order.

What happens if the hearing aids get lost or never arrive?

All hearing aid shipments are registered, tracked and insured. If for whatever reason your aids get lost or do not arrive, we will send a replacement set of hearing aids to you at no additional charge.

Hearing Aids

How do I know what hearing aid is best for me?

Before ordering your hearing aids from PUB Hearing we require that you have been seen by a qualified hearing professional who has assessed your hearing to determine your need for hearing aids and who has recommended a specific hearing device. If PUB Hearing does not supply that exact hearing aid we can recommend a comparable product. When placing your order there is a facility for you to upload your audiogram (hearing test graph) to assist us in determining the suitability of your selected device.

Which technology level is best for me?

The reason this question is asked is because of price. Consumers wonder if they can get away with a lesser product to save money. If all hearing aids were free, virtually everyone would be fitted with the highest level of technology, as these devices typically provide the most clarity and best noise management.

At PUB Hearing we’ve made the question redundant as we only supply the highest technology level hearing aids. Our hearing aid prices are so low that you will obtain the highest technology level hearing aids for the price of basic entry level hearing aids elsewhere.

The very best technology is the very least your ears deserve.

Does PUB Hearing supply all brands?


We only supply hearing aids from the world’s 5 largest hearing aid manufacturers … GN Resound (Resound), Sonova (Phonak and Unitron), Starkey (Starkey), William Demant (Oticon) and WS Audiology (Signia and Widex). As you can see, some of these manufacturers have several brands. A little like Lexus and Toyota. The same manufacturer, just a different brand. Some brands are positioned as up market premium featured products with all the latest bells and whistles or as cheaper lower end products for budget conscious consumers.

PUB Hearing only supplies the top shelf brands of each of the 5 largest hearing aid manufacturers.

Sometimes hearing aids are rebadged under a different brand name. This makes it very difficult for the consumer to know exactly what they are purchasing and to compare pricing. No matter what the hearing aid model you have received a quotation on, we will be able to let you know what the underlying product is and provide you with a price on a comparable or identical hearing aid.

Does PUB Hearing supply low level technology aids?


PUB Hearing typically only supplies the very top of the range, premium technology level hearing aids of each brand. In most markets the greatest mark ups are on the premium level hearing aids. This is where PUB Hearing can obtain the greatest price advantage and pass these major savings on to you. The price of our premium technology level aids is equivalent to entry level hearing aids elsewhere, so why settle for anything less than the best?

If you really want a lower level technology hearing aid we can certainly source one for you, but the savings will not be so attractive, and the price will be only nominally less than the premium technology. Simply send us an email at support@pubhearing.com requesting a quotation on whatever device you are interested in.

Does PUB Hearing charge extra for rechargeable hearing aids?


We have one price of $1,995 on all our hearing aids, irrespective of whether it is a rechargeable hearing aid or one that operates on standard replaceable batteries.

Hearing aid retailers typically charge anywhere from $250 to $800 extra per hearing aid for a rechargeable device.

In our opinion the only type of rechargeable hearing aids worth considering are the lithium ion ones. We would encourage you to ignore the other rechargeable batteries as they have proven to be quite problematic, whereas the lithium ion rechargeable batteries are highly reliable.

Does PUB Hearing supply older generation models?


We focus entirely on the latest released hearing aids. As soon as a new hearing aid model is released in the European market, we make these hearing aids available to our clients. Why would you want to purchase older technology when you can have the very latest, especially when there is no difference in the price?

If however you have lost an older technology hearing aid and want to purchase the same aid to partner your other hearing aid, we are happy to source and place a special order for these older products (assuming they are still available from the manufacturer) at the same price as the current model.

In some cases when the manufacturer brings out a new model it is only available in a limited number of configurations. For example, the newly released Phonak Marvel hearing aids do not have a CROS model. If you want a CROS model your only choice would be the previous generation Belong range.

If you want an older model, simply email us your request at support@pubhearing.com.

Does PUB Hearing supply custom in canal hearing aids?


In order to manufacture a customised in ear device, you will need a hearing clinician to take an impression of your ear canals and have the impressions or a scan of the impressions sent to us.

Are hearing aids from PUB Hearing LOCKED?


Hearing aids from PUB Hearing are NOT LOCKED.

Some retailers have hearing aids rebadged with a different brand name exclusively for them. These hearing aids are sometimes de-featured in order to be less expensive, so they are not identical to the manufacturer’s genuine flagship brand products. With fewer features these rebranded hearing aids require special software. These hearing aids are said to be LOCKED, as only the retailer who sells you the hearing aids can program and adjust these hearing aids. If your hearing aid is LOCKED, you will be locked into that one retailer for all future clinical services.

All hearing aids supplied by PUB Hearing are genuine original branded products. As such, all of the hearing aids we supply are UNLOCKED and open to all hearing professionals to program, anywhere in the world.

Are hearing aids from PUB Hearing brand new?


All hearing aids supplied by PUB Hearing are the genuine article, brand new and have never been used.

How do I know that I’m getting the technology level I’ve ordered?

Most hearing aids have the exact model reflecting the technology level marked on the device and most apps will display the technology level on your phone’s screen. The technology level is also saved to the hearing aid’s chip, so your hearing professional will be able to confirm which model and technology level you have.

PUB Hearing includes in your shipment, dockets detailing the serial numbers of each hearing aid. These serial numbers are often printed on the hearing aid itself as well as being stored on the hearing aid’s computer chip. If you wish to confirm the technology level, simply give the manufacturer a call and they can check the serial numbers for you.


Do hearing aids from PUB Hearing have a warranty?

Hearing Aids Warranty
All hearing aids purchased from PUB Hearing come with 36 months (3 years) European warranty. A local service provider is available for clients in Australia. For more information, contact us by chat or email us at support@pubhearing.com.

To make a warranty claim, click here.

Please make sure you read out terms & conditions.


Hearing Aids Accessories Warranty
All hearing aid accessories offered by PUB HEARING include a 12 month warranty against manufacturer defects.

What happens if something goes wrong with my hearing aids?

Take your hearing aids back to the hearing professional who programmed them for you.

Often the problem is simply a wax blockage issue, which your hearing professional can correct for you. With RIC style aids the most common problem is a broken wire or speaker blocked with wax. Your hearing professional will be able to replace the speaker on the spot. For other repairs the hearing aids will be sent to the manufacturer.


Does PUB Hearing supply hearing aid accessories?


Just like our hearing aid prices, our accessory prices are very competitive. If you wish to purchase any of these accessories simply place your order with us.

What does PUB Hearing include with the hearing aids?
  • Hearing aids
  • Storage box
  • Batteries or charger
  • Wax guards
  • Domes or ear moulds as required
  • User manual
  • Apps are free to download


How can I pay for my hearing aids?

PUB Hearing accepts Credit Card, PayPal and Direct Bank Transfer payments.

What currency are the hearing aid prices listed in?

Our hearing aid prices are listed in several different currencies. Simply select the currency button on the right of this page to display our hearing aid prices in (AUD) Australian dollars, (EUR) Euro or (USD) US dollars.

What is your payment and return policy?

Full payment is required at the time you place your order, prior to PUB Hearing shipping the product to you.

You may return your hearing aids to us within 30 days of payment, subject to you providing us with proof of purchase and on condition that the product you received was not what was described on the website, or we sent you a product different to what you ordered, or the product was faulty when the audiologist initially set it up, in which case PUB Hearing will replace your hearing aids for the same model or exchange your hearing aids for a different model of your choice.

All returned hearing aids must be in as new, undamaged resaleable condition.


Where are you based?

PUB Hearing’s head office is in Alexandra House, 3 Ballsbridge Park, Ballsbridge, Dublin, The Republic of Ireland. 

Do you have an audiologist I call talk to? How can I contact you?


We have fully qualified hearing aid audiologists you can speak with to discuss all aspects of the latest hearing technology and answer any purchasing questions you may have by calling AUS +61-2-8091-3910, NZ +64-9-889-3593, USA +1-909-809-5959, IRE +353-1-631-9470 or on our online chat line on this website or by email at support@pubhearing.com.

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