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Phonak Audeo P90 R


Phonak Audeo P90 R


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Hearing is a complex process. Sound is first perceived at the cochlea and finishes at the brain where we experience the sound. Phonak Paradise has been created to deliver crisp natural sound for users to enjoy the wonders of the world as they should be heard


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Note: The hearing aid will come standard with #2 M receiver with medium open dome unless you change it during the order process, or a different receiver and dome size are requested prior to shipping. Ask your audiologist which size is suitable for you.

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Product Description

Find out more about the Phonak Audeo P90 R.


Phonak Audeo Paradise excels in hearing performance and hosts several elevated features. The result? A hearing aid that delivers an unrivaled hearing experience:

Crisp Natural Sound

Hearing is a complex process. Sound is first perceived at the cochlea and finishes at the brain where we experience the sound. Phonak Paradise has been created to deliver crisp natural sound for users to enjoy the wonders of the world as they should be heard.

Brilliant Speech Understanding

It can be challenging to understand someone who is speaking softly or from a distance in a quiet environment. Speech Enhancer boosts soft-level speech so you are able to enjoy conversations with friends, colleagues and loved ones.

Personalized Noise Cancelling

Depending on the type of room you are in, or even how the user feels during that time, it sometimes takes effort to follow conversations when speech is coming from the front and noise is coming from the side and back. With the Dynamic Noise Cancellation you can personalize the amount of noise cancellation you want all in real-time – all through the myPhonak app.

Voice Assistance Access at a Tap

Imagine answering phone calls, streaming or pausing music, and activating voice assistants just by tapping your ear. A motion sensor in Phonak Paradise offers you an effortless way to do all that and more. The built-in microphone allows you true hands-free calls and voice assistant activation. (Only available in rechargeable models – Phonak Audeo P-R and RT).

Connects to Smartphones, TV and More

Phonak Paradise connects directly to iOS®, Android™ or other Bluetooth®-enabled devices to stream audio in excellent quality directly to the Paradise hearing aids. Plus, as an added convenience, users can simultaneously connect to two Bluetooth devices and seamlessly alternate between the two.

Empowering Smart Apps

Control your Phonak Paradise hearing aids, access useful features and personalize your settings all through the myPhonak app.

Features Premium (P90) Advance (P70) Standard (P50) Essential (P30)
AutoSense OS 4.0 Premium Advance Standard Essential
Channels 20 20 16 12
Dynamic Noise Cancellation  
Speech Enhancer  
Tap Control*  
Motion Sensor Hearing*  
Real Ear Sound  
Tinnitus Balance
Direct Streaming


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Channels: 20
Style: Receiver In Canal
Battery: Lithium-Ion
Rechargeable: Yes
Telecoil: No
IP Rating IP68
Wireless / Bluetooth Yes
Direct Streaming: Yes
iPhone Compatibility Yes
Android Compatibility Yes
Manufacturer Warranty: 3 years
Colour Choices: Yes


Hearing Aids Warranty

All hearing aids purchased from PUB Hearing come with 36 months (3 years) European warranty. A local service  provider is available for clients in Australia. For more information, contact us by chat or email us at

To make a warranty claim, click here.

Please make sure you read out terms & conditions.

Hearing Aids Accessories Warranty

All hearing aid accessories offered by PUB HEARING include a 12 month warranty against manufacturer defects.


Do You Offer Free Delivery?

Yes, delivery is free for all orders over $500.

Do You Offer Quick Delivery?

You should receive your hearing aids within 7 to 10 business days of placing your order.

Due to logistics, customs and customized orders it can take up to 6-7 weeks to receive the goods

Where Will My Hearing Aids Be Delivered?

Purchases of hearing aid devices will be posted directly to an audiologist of your choice. Pub Hearing is 100% online retail store and don’t have a clinic. We can help you look for an audiologist if you don’t have one yet in order to book a fitting appointment and ship your hearing aids to the audiologist.

Can I Pick Up My Items From Your Store?

No. Pub Hearing is 100% online discount retail store and this is how we keep our overheads low and pass the savings onto you.


Is Phonak Audeo P90 R rechargeable?

Yes, Phonak Audeo P90 R is rechargeable.


What accessories are compatible with the Phonak Audeo Paradise?

  • TV Connector
  • Phonak PartnerMic
  • Phonak RemoteControl
  • Roger iN microphones
    • Roger Select iN
    • Roger Pen iN
    • Roger Table Mic II iN


Which chargers are compatible with the Phonak Audeo Paradise?

  • Phonak Mini Charger case
  • Phonak Charger Case Combi
  • Phonak Charger BTE RIC



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